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There is no reason to believe that the waves of digitalization are finished.

To be able to surf this wave, we have to build bridges,
taking chances and stop thinking in silos.
The only risk comes from not knowing what you´re doing.
But don't worry! We won't let you down.

Let's ride these waves together!

Strategic and creative Mindset

Online is not a departement, it's a culture. For that it's essential to have defined goals grounded in a digital and creative strategy. Our all-time favourite!

Stay up todate

Snapchat? Wearables? Podcast? Augmented Reality? We promise to do everything to keep us and you updated about latest trends and technologies. That also means we're not afraid to be early-adopters.

Turn the light on!

100% transparency. Our work is based on performance and results. This increases trust, prevents inexperience and makes everyone happier.

Right by your side.

We've got your back. No matter what, where or when. Together, we will find a way.

Better togehter.

We believe that a transparent communication, a lot of fun and respect is key for a perfect working environment.

Knowledge increases by sharing, not by saving it.

We are here to close the knowledge gap and build inhouse online marketing.

Why digital marketing?

Online activities per month:

282 billion

worldwide Search Engines

2 billion

Facebook users

1 billion

Youtube users

1 billion

Whatsapp users

1 billion

Instagram users

336 million

Twitter users

294 million

LinkedIn users

255 million

Snapchat users

More facts:

4 billion

worldwide internet users

54 million

internet users in Germany

700000 hours

of Youtube video views each minute


of germans shop online

You see, it's happening right now.
And no matter where you´re standing with your company,
embracing the impact of digitalization is not an option anymore. It’s a must.

Ready to begin?

Upcoming Events:

How to use Youtube

Google Zukunftswerkstatt - Berlin

  • 0930 AM - 1130 AM

Display ads in no time

Google Zukunftswerkstatt - Berlin

  • 100 PM - 300 PM

Google's ad formats at a glance

Google Zukunftswerkstatt - Berlin

  • 330 PM - 530 PM

Web analysis with Google Analytics

Google Zukunftswerkstatt - Berlin

  • 930 AM - 1130 AM
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