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What? Whether if you want to increase revenue, reduce costs, be ahead of your competitors, positioning as a digital brand or innovative employer, reach more customers via online, communicate easier and faster with them and subsequently increase your turnover. We'll help you meeting your targets.
Our services are meant for everyone who is seeking for help in digital communications to expand their success. Especially though for traditional family owned and medium-sized companies as well as Start-Ups.
Digital Marketing is not just about advertising. The best digital marketing can be considered as a personalized service.
If you're being able to provide customers with interesting topicsand relevant information when they need it and communicate with them, your business is much more likely to engage and close the leads.
The question is not, if digitalization will take place, but how and when. And who will be brave enough to take it's chances and possibilities.

We work according to the d:vize REAL success plan.



Comprehensive company, trends, target group research and analysis of already existing communication strategy within the company.

• Recherche aktueller Trends (branchen- und   themenspezifische Studien, Zahlen, Fakten, Artikel, ...)

• Research of what's happening right now in the market or will happen (based on industry studies, dates, facts and figures).

• Target group analysis and their media usage behavior.

• Competitor analysis and best practises.

• Comparison status quo and potential communication strategy, online marketing and social media usage.



Analysis-evaluation and digital communication strategy creation (short-, medium- or long-term)

• SMART goal defintion and translate them into measurable sub-goals and actions (best practises, quick wins and long-term activities)

• Exemplary content plan

• Expected costs and -if needed- further channel recommendations (pr, offline, event, on campus, ...)

• Tracking and measurement recommendations


Set-up all relevant accounts, channels and management based on step 2

• Set Up online marketing and social media accounts or rather improving already existing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc...

• Content and editorial plan

• Content production (image, text and videoproduction)

• Community and channel management (engage with followers and clients)

• Social media and online marketing channel and ad operations with -if given- media budget management.

• Event live production and communication

• Campaign controlling and monitoring, optimization and end reporting including take aways and learnings



Hands-on and individual workshops according to the level of knowledge.

• One- or multiday workshops about social media, online marketing and digital communication.

• Individual focus on defined goals such as:
- (Employer) Branding and Awareness
- Analysis and joint accommodation of existing or planned campaigns
- Brand new strategy development and/or revision of existing communication strategy.
- Basic workshops in online marketing, social media and how to workshopg for tools like Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, social listening tool etc.

Ready? Let's ride these waves together!

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Any questions to our services, our d:vize REAL success plan oder us? We are happy to answer any queries you might have.