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We love what we do like the beach boys love to surf.
Nothing compares to the overjoyed feeling when the wave take you forward.
But in order to catch that wave, sometimes you have to paddle for a long time and be brave enough to "Pop Up".

No matter how you feel about digitalization: respect, fear to fail,
love to take new challenges, or if you're curious to learn new things and broaden your horizons.

We will support you on your journey to digitalization.
Where to start, how to tackle challenges and - last but not least - to have fun!
Because "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."
Denise Ludwig
Founder and CEO

Denise is the female founder of d:vize.
After working more than 6 years in Online Marketing, Social Media and Employer Branding
for brands like KPMG (Trendence Employer Branding Award), MAN, Allianz AG, Danone and many more,
she decided to start her own company for digital communications.
Why? Because she wants to close the knowledge gap and build an inhouse digital marketing culture in family owned & medium sized companies and start-ups.
"To be able to surf the wave of digitalization and digital marketing, we have to build bridges, taking chances and stop thinking in silos.
The only risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." But don't worry! Knowledge increases by sharing, not by saving it. And we believe sharing is caring!
Her delightful and communicative personality is inspiring her listeners.
Which is also the reason why she made it, working as a trainer for Google's "Zukunfstwerkstatt",
in universities and schools and as a conference speaker.

Apart from her company, Denise loves to play and watch soccer, is crazy about beer, food and cooking and would love to have her own zoo.

Denise Ludwig

Founder and CEO

More is coming soon....

We are looking forward to welcome more d:vize family members!

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